Mt. SAC Faculty Association Dues Structure (2023-2024)


When full-time and part-time faculty pay dues, that money is distributed to 4 organizations:

1)    National Education Association (NEA)

2)    California Teachers Association (CTA)

3)    Community College Association (CCA)

4)    the Mt. SAC Faculty Association (local union)


Here is a breakdown of how your dues are distributed:


Full-Time Faculty                                                   Part-Time Faculty

CTA Dues $786.00                                                  CTA Dues $96.90

NEA Dues $208.00                                                  NEA Dues $69.50

CCA Dues $99.00                                                    CCA Dues $49.50

MSAC FA Dues $180.00                                        MSAC FA Dues $74.00

TOTAL: $1,273.00 annual dues paid                   TOTAL: $289.60* annual dues paid

$127.30 monthly dues                                             $28.96 monthly dues


·      FT faculty do not have union dues deducted in July and August.


·      Adjunct Faculty do not have union dues deducted from their August and February issued paychecks for the July and January pay periods during the Summer and Winter Intersessions.


·      For adjunct faculty, dues will be deducted again from the September 8, 2023 paycheck.  For the Full-Time faculty, dues will be deducted again from the September 29, 2023 paycheck.


·      Adjunct faculty members who belong to a union at another college will only pay the MSAC FA dues out of their Mt. SAC paycheck.  They do NOT pay the CTA, NEA, or CCA portion again.  Those dues are taken out of your check from your other college.


·      If an adjunct faculty member has an interruption in service due to a class being cancelled or not being offered a class, you will not get a Mt. SAC paycheck, so dues will not be deducted.  That means that your membership in the union will lapse.  You can maintain your membership by paying out of pocket during the time that you are not working at Mt. SAC or, you can join again once you return to working at Mt. SAC.